Tips to Stop Your Car from Overheating in the Massachusetts Heat

You would never know it from the killer winter snowstorms and frequent blizzards, but the state of Massachusetts can be a pretty hot place. When the spring season ends and the summer season starts, the temperatures here can easily reach the 90s and beyond.

Those extended periods of triple digit temps can take a toll on your car, so you need to watch out for signs of overheating. Driving an overheating vehicle, even for a little while, is very bad for your engine. If you find that your car is overheating, you should pull over immediately and find a safe place to park. In the meantime, here are some summertime tips for helping your vehicle survive the Massachusetts heat.

Keep Your Coolant Tank Topped Off

You should be checking your automotive fluids on a regular basis, like every time you fill up your gas tank. Check your coolant level carefully and top it off if needed.

Allowing your coolant tank to get too low will leave your car vulnerable to overheating, so choose quality coolant and keep your tank topped off all summer long.

Look for Leaks

If you are constantly adding coolant to your tank, you may have a leak. A slow leak in a hose or seal could make your vehicle more vulnerable to overheating, so the time to find that leak is now before the Massachusetts summer heat arrives in earnest.

Your mechanic can help you find that troublesome leak, so it can be repaired before it does any damage to your engine. Once the leak is fixed, you can drive away with confidence and brave the summer heat.

Avoid Prolonged Idling

Prolonged idling is a way of life for many Massachusetts residents, especially if you live near the city. Even so, it is important to avoid stop and go driving as much as you can, since all that idling can heat up your car and make overheating more likely.

Try to drive during off-peak hours, when traffic is lighter, and prolonged idling is less likely. If you must drive during peak hours, try turning the AC off to keep your car cooler – and always keep a close watch on the temperature gauge.

Let Your Car Cool Off

If you are out shopping and running errands, let your car cool down as much as possible between trips. If your car never gets a chance to cool down, the vehicle could overheat, damaging the engine and leaving you stranded.

Try combining your trips by parking in a central spot and walking from store to store. If you cannot do that, hang out for a few minutes while your vehicle cools down – you will be glad you did.

Driving an overheating vehicle is bad for you and your engine, but prevention is always the best defense. The tips listed above can help you avoid overheating, no matter how hot the Massachusetts sun gets.

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