What Makes Today’s Car Better Than Older Cars

In decades gone by, the average lifespan of new vehicles was about four years. Today, some cars can last well over 100,000 miles and several years past their expected lifespan. So, what makes new cars better than the cars of the past? With new technology and a few simple tweaks, today’s vehicles are built to last. Read on to discover what makes these new cars so special.

New Vehicles Use Fuel Injection

The adoption of fuel injection is likely one of the most significant changes to automobiles. Older cars used carburetors that would drip fuel directly into the engine. There was little to no control over the amount of fuel that was distributed using a carburetor. Any extra fuel would go into the cylinders, causing excess buildup and engine trouble. Today, fuel injectors ensure even distribution of fuel and much smoother driving experience. With good maintenance and cleaning of the injectors, a vehicle can last a lot longer than it once did.

The Adoption of Synthetic Oil

Conventional motor oil was the standard up until the 1980s. This oil does not perform well under extreme temperature changes. With synthetic oil, it’s much easier to adapt to hot and cold, keeping the engine better protected. Synthetic oil includes additives that help to keep an engine clean, which in turn extends the vehicle’s life. Every car needs oil, and this type of oil has been proven to serve your engine much more efficiently. If you still have an older car, you can switch over from conventional to synthetic to get the benefits.

New Revolutions in Car Manufacturing

New cars use a variety of high-tech methods in order to manufacture products more efficiently. The use of automation now ensures that all cars are built to the same precise standard. In addition, new materials are used that make cars operate more efficiently. Old engines were gigantic chunks of cast iron, while today’s engines are streamlined and much more lightweight. Everything today is built in a clean environment, so there’s no exposure to dust and other elements during the manufacturing process. Chassis design and construction has also evolved to be lighter and thinner. Combine all of this with modern conveniences like Bluetooth and GPS, and it’s easy to see why today’s cars are a better choice for drivers everywhere.

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