Why Does My Car Consume Excessive Oil?

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If your car is consuming excessive oil, bring it in right away. We here at Mike’s Auto Service & Repair cannot stress enough how much low oil can damage your engine. Without proper oil viscosity, your engine parts will grind together and cause friction. This friction creates heat, which in turn, permanently damages the parts in question. Your vehicle may consume excessive oil for the following reasons, all of which should be handled professionally.


You may have an oil leak and not realize it. Yes, if you notice brown spots on your garage floor, you likely have an oil leak, but oil can also leak inside your engine. Piston rings and valve guides prevent oil from entering your vehicle’s combustion chamber. If they are worn and leaking, excess oil is introduced and burned in the combustion chamber. If your oil is consistently low, this could be the reason why and it should be addressed as soon as possible.

Poor Quality Oil

Your car’s engine runs best on the oil recommended by the manufacturer. This includes the proper weight. You might be tempted to save money with cheaper oil or oil of a different weight, but this is a recipe for excessive consumption. Poor quality oil, or oil that isn’t the correct type, can become dirty quickly and this will cause it to burn at a hotter temperature. This creates a dissipation effect and reduces the amount of oil in your engine.

Oil Pressure

It’s never a good idea to overfill your engine with oil even though it’s burning through it. Just as you shouldn’t top off your gasoline when your tank is full, excess oil in the engine doesn’t stay put. Rather, it overflows onto your car’s cylinders and burns. It’s crucial to only add oil when you actually need it and to make certain when you have your oil changed, the mechanic only adds the recommended number of quarts.

Engine Age

Finally, your engine will hit its senior years after the first five years of operation, so after five years, your engine may simply consume more oil than it used to. If you’ve maintained your vehicle faithfully from day one, your engine should not start doing this unless there is something wrong. If you haven’t maintained it, you’ll find the oil won’t last as long. Either way, as your engine ages, it’s important to check the oil levels more often.

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