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Battery Test

At Mike’s Auto Service & Repair, we carry a full line of Interstate Batteries! We perform a courtesy battery test and visual inspection on all vehicles we service. There is no worse feeling than coming out in the morning to start your car and you turn the key and NOTHING! No dash lights, no chime, just silence! Weak or bad vehicle batteries will fail in either extreme cold or hot temperatures. Most batteries never show a sign that they are about to fail until they do! The technology in our battery tester can determine when a battery should be replaced. Our battery test equipment also provides a complete print out of the condition of your battery. Along with the battery test, we also perform a complete visual inspection of your vehicle’s battery. We check for cracks in the case, we look for any signs of leakage, we look at the condition of the battery connections. We look for any corrosion at the cable clamps and the overall condition of the battery cables. We also Inspect the condition of the battery tray and battery hold down. A loose battery can be easily damaged from moving around while driving.

At Mike’s Auto Service & Repair, we can also perform full testing of you charging and starting systems. A faulty alternator can also be a cause of battery failure. Under or over charging can shorten the life of a battery. Also, our test equipment can determine if your have a bad diode inside your alternator, again a condition that will shorten the life of a battery.

Left the lights on overnight?? Don’t worry!! At Mike’s Auto, we have the correct battery charger to completely recharge your battery, no matter if it’s a traditional battery, Deep Cycle or the newest AGM style battery, our chargers can safely recharge your battery back to a full charge.

All our Interstate Batteries come with a limited nationwide warranty ranging from an 18 to 48-month free replacement, depending on which model of battery. Plus, a prorated warranty up to 6 years, depending on the model of battery. Need a battery for you boat, lawn mower, RV, ATV or just about any application? We can most likely get it!! Need your battery tested? Give us a call or stop by, battery testing is always free at Mike’s Auto Service & Repair!!

Mike’s Auto Service & Repair and Interstate Batteries “Outrageously Dependable”