Before July 4, Make Sure Your Car Is Road-Ready

Let’s face it: This July 4 is going to one of the most celebrated in the nation’s history. After last year’s global pandemic pretty much canceled everyone’s plans, the urge to get back out there and celebrate America’s birthday is going to be running hot this year. And with that comes plenty of car travel. But whether you are making a road trip to the beach or just driving around the corner for a neighborhood picnic, your car is going to need to be in good shape this holiday weekend. To make sure that is the case, why not schedule a pre-holiday car check-up with the pros at Mike’s Auto Service & Repair in West Springfield, MA? We can check all your car’s important systems and give you peace of mind for this holiday.

Auto AC Check-Up

This is an important one. It is going to be hot in West Springfield, MA, this holiday weekend, and no one is going to be happy if your auto AC isn’t working. Can you imagine hopping into a sweltering car after a long day of holiday fun, and the only option to cool off is to roll down the windows and drive fast? Nobody wants to deal with that. So if your AC hasn’t been working quite right or you just want to make sure things will be operating as normal during your holiday driving, let the pros at Mike’s Auto Service & Repair take a look.

Brake System Check-Up

More important than comfort, though, is safety. The most important safety system in your car is the braking system, and before this July 4 holiday, you’ll need to make sure everything is in order. If you’ve noticed that your brakes have felt “squishy” or that squeaking or squealing noises seem to pop up when you use your brakes, it is definitely time to have those brakes looked at. And right before the holiday is a perfect time.

Tire Check-Up

Making sure that your tires are in good shape is also a good idea before the holiday. This doesn’t just mean checking them for damage or leaks; checking the health of your tire tread is also important. Bald tires contribute to accidents, so before you hit the road for July 4, make sure your tires are in good shape.

At Mike’s Auto Service & Repair in West Springfield, MA, we want everyone to have a great – and safe – July 4 holiday this year. We know we will be celebrating! But the only way to make sure everything is OK with your vehicle is with a quick pre-holiday car check-up. We will give you the peace of mind you’ll need to enjoy all your car travels this weekend. Make an appointment today!

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Photo by Penny Britt from Getty Images via Canva Pro