Five Signs My Fuel Injectors Are Clogged or Leaking

Let’s talk about the fuel injectors in this blog post. The fuel injectors replaced the carburetor and are responsible for injecting fuel into the combustion chamber. Direct fuel injection sprays the fuel directly into the cylinders. Otherwise, the fuel is sprayed into the intake manifold. Over time, Mike’s Auto Service & Repair advises that the fuel injectors can get clogged or start to leak. Here are five signs that either is the case.

Unable to Start Engine

An inability to start your engine could be due to the fuel injectors being clogged and there is no diesel fuel or gasoline in the combustion chamber. Your vehicle needs both air and fuel to fire up. It won’t be able to fire up without any fuel. Clogged fuel injectors or another fuel delivery problem can make it impossible to start your car, truck, or utility vehicle.

Misfiring Engine

You may get your car started only to listen to the engine misfire. This, too, is a sign of clogged or leaking fuel injectors. For example, if the fuel injectors are partially clogged, you will end up with a lean fuel mixture in the combustion chamber and your vehicle will struggle to run. If the fuel injectors are leaking, you may end up with excess fuel in the combustion chamber and the engine will flood.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Either condition, whether lean or rich, will affect your automobile’s fuel economy. Many people notice that their fuel economy is reduced when they have clogged fuel injectors. This is because the clogged injectors are causing the engine to run inefficiently. An inefficient engine will blow through gasoline quicker than an inefficient engine will.

Rough Idling

Another sign that clogged fuel injectors are causing a problem with the combustion chamber’s fuel mixture is rough idling. You may also notice that you have a problem accelerating your vehicle. While you are sitting at an idle, your vehicle will sputter and may even install. When you press down on the accelerator, your vehicle may sputter and jerk.

Sporadic Tachometer Needle

You can see the rough idle on your tachometer. Keep an eye on the needle to see if it is bouncing up and down. If it is, this can signal a vacuum leak or clogged fuel injectors. In the case of the fuel injectors, the engine is getting gasoline in spurts and this is why the RPMs are revving up and down.

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Photo by Mikhail Dmitriev from Getty Images via Canva Pro