How Can You Tell Your Car’s Suspension Needs Work?

It’s effortless to ignore your car’s suspension because when it’s working well, it’s invisible to you. When you start to experience some of the issues Mike’s Auto Service & Repair is going to list below, however, you are more than likely dealing with a damaged suspension that needs attention sooner rather than later. Since your car’s suspension is part of what helps your car stay on the road, you need to take a closer look at what’s going on.

Your Car Is Pulling, Especially During a Turn

As you’re driving and you take a curve or a turn, it’s your car’s suspension that causes it to hug the road and hold steady against all the force that wants to move the car sideways instead of forward. When your suspension is not working as well as it should be, that means it cannot do that job. So, during a turn, you’re more likely to feel as if the car is pulling against the turn instead of rolling through it.

Your Car Bounces or Rides Rougher Than Usual

The suspension helps your car absorb road conditions that make it bounce, but when it’s failing, it might be spongy, and you’ll experience more bounce than you normally do. If things are terrible, you might feel as if you’re driving on a trampoline. At the very least, you’re going to start feeling a difference in how your car rides, and it won’t be nearly as comfortable. You’ll feel the road conditions more.

The Shocks Appear to Be Leaking

Take a quick peek under your car, behind your tires. What you’re looking for are your shocks and struts. They should look dry if a little bit dirty from road dust. If you notice that they aren’t dry, you’re probably seeing grease and oil leaking from the contained areas. That shouldn’t be happening, and it’s a sign of trouble. The shocks and struts are worn, which is why they’re leaking, and need to be replaced.

Your Tires Are Wearing Unevenly

While you’re down there, take a look at your tires. If the tread seems to be wearing more on one side than the other, this may be another sign that your suspension isn’t okay. There can be other reasons for uneven tire wear, but the car’s suspension is a primary one because it’s what keeps your tires even on the road. 

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Photo by jimmyan from Getty Images via Canva Pro