MA State Vehicle Inspection

MA State Vehicle Inspection
  • Inspections are performed Monday-Friday 9-12, 1-5 and most Saturdays 9-12
  • Please park your vehicle in our parking lot near the front office. Do not block any doors!
  • Please buckle ALL your seat belts
  • Please Bring your current non-expired Registration and your keys into the front office.
  • The State set fee is $35
  • Please have your payment of $35 ready as so we can keep moving on to the next inspection.
  • Most vehicle inspections take between 10 and 15 minutes.
  • NO DROP OFFS for State Vehicle Inspections! You must wait here for your Vehicle Inspection to be completed. This does not apply if your vehicle is here for repairs.

Please note, ALL Vehicle Inspections in ALL MA Inspection Stations are video recorded by the RMV. Please DO NOT ask us to break the rules!!

We cannot make appointments for State Inspections per the RMV regulations. All State Inspections are first come first serve.

If possible, avoid the first and last weeks of the month as those are the busiest. The middle 2 weeks of the month are usually the less busy times.