Schedule a Service Right Away for the Following Transmission Problems

Putting off transmission repair is going to increase the cost of the repairs exponentially. Some things can be pushed back a few weeks, but transmission problems are not one of them. Mike’s Auto Service & Repair services and maintains both automatic and manual transmissions, and we can take a look underneath your vehicle if you notice your transmission is acting up. Here are signs of transmission trouble.

Transmission Performance Signs

You know how your vehicle handles and sounds, and if anything changes, that’s a sure sign of problems. In the case of the transmission, you can tell you’ve got problems with a manual transmission by the feel of shifting the gears yourself. In the case of an automatic transmission, you don’t shift the gears, but you can still feel and hear problems. Common signs of transmission problems include

  • Difficulty getting your transmission into gear
  • Slipping out of gear once in gear
  • Delayed gear shifting or skipping gears
  • Buzzing, clicking, or humming noises when in neutral or in gear
  • Clunking or grinding noises when going into gear
  • Burning smells coming from underneath your vehicle
  • Power loss, especially when accelerating or shifting gears
  • Grinding gears when releasing the clutch in a manual transmission
  • Changes in where the clutch grabs in a manual transmission
  • Check engine dashboard warning light illumination

Things that can cause your vehicle’s transmission to behave this way include low or dirty transmission fluid, worn gears, worn belts, a problem with the torque pump, or issues with the clutch. It’s best to have the transmission inspected at the first symptom, as this allows technicians to fix the problem right away before it damages other transmission parts. For example…

Transmission Leaks Are Another Sign of Trouble

A transmission leak suggests you’ve got worn hoses, a leaking pan gasket, a leaking transmission pan, a leaking drain plug, problems with the torque converter, or a breach between the transmission and cooling system. The latter will turn the transmission fluid from its normal red color to pink because coolant is mixing with the transmission fluid. Transmission fluid color can also signal trouble.

New and viscous transmission fluid is red. Once the fluid starts to turn brown, it’s time to change it. We here at Mike’s Auto Service & Repair can help. Our full-service auto shop in West Springfield, MA, staffs only experienced and certified technicians who know all things transmission. Give us a call today.

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