Suspension & Wheel Alignment

Mike’s Auto Service & Repair can handle any type of suspension repair on most cars and light trucks! As you know, the roads we travel on in western MA are full of potholes, patches, and all kinds of rough surfaces! The suspension system of your vehicle has many moving parts all of which have a life expectancy that is shortened by the roads we drive on! We recommend having your front and rear suspension checked at every oil change, in fact, we check the front and rear suspension of every vehicle we service. Your safety and the safety of others on the road is VERY important to us.

Our steering and suspension inspection includes a check of the following; upper ball joints, lower ball joints, inner tie rod ends, outer tie rod ends, sway bar, sway bar links, sway bar bushings, upper and lower control arms, shocks, struts, tires wheels, and the wheel bearings. All these components are moving parts and wear out over time and all have a certain life expectancy which, as we mentioned earlier, can be severely shorted by the roads we drive on. If you do need a repair done, we only use top-quality OEM or better equivalent parts.

Need an alignment?? Is your steering wheel off-center, or does your vehicle pull left or right? Did you know Mike’s Auto Service & Repair can do that too? It is highly recommended to perform an alignment any time you have had repair work done to the suspension or if the tires have been replaced. We happen to own one of the best vehicle wheel alignment machines in the industry made by Hunter Engineering.

Did you know Mike’s Auto Service & Repair also offers tire balancing? Have you noticed a vibration in your vehicle at certain speeds? This can be caused by out-of-balance tires.

Got bounce? Ever hit a bump or pothole and it feels like your car bounces after the hit? Does your car not feel like it did when it was new? It might be time for new shocks or struts. We can fix it!! Lets us give your car or light truck a complete suspension check over. We can then SHOW you exactly what the vehicle needs. YES, we will bring you out to the shop and show you or if you’re not here we can text or email pictures and or video!

Mike’s Auto Service & Repair is a complete suspension, tire, and alignment shop!


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