Transmission Repair

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Here at Mike’s Auto we provide our customers with honest, personalized attention to their automobile’s transmission repair. The transmission is a critical part of the car’s overall function, therefore, it requires technicians who are trained and specialize in repairing and rebuilding transmissions. In order to determine if a heavy labor intensive transmission repair is needed, we first utilize the latest technology to eliminate and rule out other causes for the issues that you are experiencing. It is our goal to make sure that our clients are not paying for a transmission unnecessarily. You can trust our technician’s recommendations, as our goal is honest and excellent service. Our clients routinely return and recommend us for our accurate diagnosis and speedy, excellent service.

Transmission Service Checks

We routinely check your transmission fluid to make sure that it stays in proper clarity, without debris. Our service technicians will make sure that if it is necessary you will receive a flush of your system and a new filter may also be provided. In order to conduct this process, the guidelines set by your specific manufacturers will be closely consulted.

Transmission Repair

Your transmission works hard to actually make your car move and change gears as needed. It transfers power from your engine and distributes it to your wheels. This is no easy task. It simultaneously manages the amount of power and speed distributed automatically. As a result, your transmission may need the fluid drained and changed. Upon changing your fluid, here at Mike’s Auto we check/test the old fluid to test for additional issues.


We specialize in excellent quality transmission rebuilds that use the best technology. We service all vehicles, European and American. We service automatic and manual transmissions. Most importantly, we use the best quality materials for your transmission. This is a labor-intensive procedure and we ensure that our service technicians are careful with other parts. We take our time and care while we disassemble your transmission. Here at Mike’s Auto will ensure that when we disassemble your transmission, we will meticulously inspect each part to ensure what is operable and can be reused. While putting the transmission back together, we will determine if your manufacturer has updated any of its requirements and make such corrections. Our end-of-transmission repair inspection is thorough and includes all of the systems.

Contact Mike’s Auto for our service technicians to diagnose your auto maker’s specific recommendations.


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