What Are the Symptoms of an Engine Vacuum Leak?

When one of the vacuum hoses in your car’s engine begins to leak, it introduces excess air into the engine and combustion chamber. This can create a host of problems that will make it difficult to drive your vehicle. Mike’s Auto Service & Repair lists the signs of an engine vacuum leak below so you can compare them to what you are experiencing when you drive your automobile.

Check Engine Light Turns On

Excess air affects the balance of the air and fuel that is found in the combustion chamber. Consequently, your check engine light will turn on because the vacuum leak is inundating the engine with air and affecting its performance. Oftentimes, accessories and components will malfunction because they use vacuum pressure for power. As these things malfunction, they will send error codes to the engine control module, and this, too, will turn on the check engine light.

Engine Performance Problems

When your engine has too much air in it, your acceleration and speed suffer. This is because the excess air starves the engine of fuel, and you end up with a stuttering engine that not only idles roughly but can also stall. In some cases, the engine control module may increase the amount of fuel in the combustion chamber to compensate for the excess air and this can make your engine surge.

Hissing/Suction Engine Noises

Vacuum leaks are not silent. Smaller leaks make hissing noises while larger leaks sound like vacuum cleaner suction. You may be able to trace the noise to the actual vacuum hose that is leaking in your engine. If you can’t, we can, so don’t worry. We will find which hose is leaking and replace it to repair the engine vacuum leak. If you suspect you have an engine vacuum leak, listen carefully while you are sitting at an idle to see if you can hear hissing, squealing, or suction sounds.

Tachometer Registers High RPMs

Finally, the excess air in the engine will cause an increase in the revolutions per minute. You will see this increase on your tachometer. You may notice that your car is revving much higher when you are sitting at an idle and as you are driving it. Depending on how the air is leaking out of the vacuum hose, you may also see the tachometer needle moving sporadically if it’s leaking in spurts.

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