Why Are Cars With Manual Transmissions Cheaper

The sticker price difference between vehicles with automatic and manual transmissions has reduced over the years, but if you’re looking to save about $1,000 or more on your new or new-to-you car, you’ll want to go with a stick. Driving a vehicle with a manual transmission isn’t as bad as it might seem. In fact, there are several advantages to sticks. Mike’s Auto Service & Repair lists them below and explains why some of these advantages mean you’ll pay less for the car itself and to maintain it. 


One of the major reasons why a driver opts for a manual transmission instead of an automatic one in the vehicle he or she buys is the control the manual transmission gives the driver. An automatic transmission does all of the work for you and while this is convenient, it isn’t exactly fun. When you drive an automobile with a manual transmission, you are in complete control of the gear-shifting, and this is not only a lot of fun for more people it’s also proactive, meaning you remain alert at the wheel.

Driving a manual transmission gives you options to control your vehicle that you do not have with an automatic transmission. You can downshift more quickly when you need to, and you can also slow down your vehicle with a manual transmission to save wear and tear on your brakes. You are in complete control, meaning you work directly with the transmission to operate your vehicle – proactive driving. Plus, it’s really cool to shift through the gears while you pick up speed; just don’t get a ticket!

Production and Maintenance

Okay! Here’s the answer to the titled question: The reason why cars with manual transmissions cost less is that manual transmissions are less expensive to produce. You’ll see that cost savings on vehicle’s sticker price, but you’ll also realize additional savings that will benefit you throughout the life of your vehicle, whether its life or the life of the time that you own it. Manual transmissions have another advantage over their automatic counterpart and that is maintenance and repair expense.

Because the transmission is manual, it doesn’t have as many parts as an automatic transmission has. It also operates differently; the wear and tear on a manual transmission are less than an automatic transmission. The system itself is still complex, but maintaining a manual transmission costs significantly less than maintaining an automatic transmission because there’s less maintenance work to do. In addition, should the transmission break down, it’s also cheaper to repair or replace. 

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