Winter Preventative Maintenance Beyond Your Car’s Battery

We talked about why your vehicle won’t start in cold weather in our last blog post. Let’s continue this conversation. Your automobile’s battery, fuel, and oil are all affected by freezing temperatures, but they aren’t the only auto parts that suffer when Mother Nature decides that we need a ton of snow. Mike’s Auto Service & Repair is ready to get your car ready for winter with the following preventative services.


Depending on the age of your vehicle, your belts might be a little old and worn. Frigid weather only makes them worse. We’ll check the belts in your engine, including the timing belt or chain if you have a chain instead, and replace any worn belts so they don’t harden and snap in the middle of a snowstorm.


Your vehicle’s filters help keep everything clean and efficient. Now is a good time for new air, fuel, and oil filters if they haven’t been changed in a while. Winter weather brings its own set of problems, including inclement weather that’s hard on your engine. Clean filters protect the engine better.


It’s important to ensure all fluids are clean, fresh, and filled to the appropriate levels. As we mentioned in our last post, an oil change is in order now, as is an antifreeze flush to make sure the antifreeze prevents radiator ice, especially if your car is parked outside at night when the temps really drop.


Like the engine belts, system hoses can get hard and break when they’re cold. Hoses also expand and contract in the cold weather as your engine warms up. Seals will do the same thing. We’ll check the hoses and seals to ensure they’re in good condition and ready to withstand cold-weather contraction.


If you’ve driven on icy roads you know how treacherous they can be. Now is definitely the time to check the tires. We’ll measure the tread to make sure you have enough depth to keep your grip on winter roads. We’ll also rotate and balance them if they need it. Winter roads are the worst on tires.


Finally, you never realize how much you rely on your windshield washer fluid and wiper blades until you don’t have them, especially in the winter. You also never realize how much you need your defroster until it doesn’t work. We’ll check all of these things so you can see as clearly as possible all winter long.

Let Mike’s Auto Service & Repair in West Springfield, MA, inspect and service your vehicle so you know it’s ready for winter.

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Photo by Dragana991 from Getty Images via Canva Pro