Brake Repair

Here at Mike’s Auto Service & Repair, we take brake service very seriously. A vehicle’s brakes are one of the most important safety systems! And it is because of that that we are proud to provide the best brake repair West Springfield, MA has to offer.

brake repair west springfield ma

Brake Repair West Springfield, MA

It all starts with a very complete and thorough brake inspection. Whenever a brake inspection is performed at Mike’s Auto Service & Repair, our ASE certified Technicians remove ALL FOUR WHEELS, not just one or two! All four of the vehicle’s brakes are inspected. We check and MEASURE, (NEVER GUESS or estimate with a percentage) the brake pad lining thickness, the rotors for excessive runout, rotor thickness and inspect for rust on the rotor surface. We inspect the calipers, caliper slide pins, and rubber brake hoses. We then inspect ALL the steel brake lines for rust and rot. Living in the North East it is super common for the steel brake lines to rot causing instant brake failure. We also check the operation of the parking brake, inspect the parking brake cables, linkage, and parking brake shoes where applicable.

Now let’s talk about the actual brake service! Like anything, it’s all in the details. Our ASE Certified Technicians are all trained to perform complete and proper brake service. After all the old parts are removed the brake rotor mounting surface (or hub) is completely cleaned of any rust, a thin coating of grease is applied to prevent future rust. The caliper pins are cleaned and lubricated, the brake pad mounting points are cleaned and lubed, the brake rotors are cleaned and washed with soap and water, top quality brake pads are installed clean and untouched by greasy hands! All this is done to give your vehicle the stopping power it had when it was brand new and to prevent brake noise!

Need brake lines replaced? At Mike’s Auto Service & Repair, we replace rotted, leaking brake lines with Nickel brake lines. These lines do not rust or rot. All connections are custom made with the correct type of flare and fitting that your vehicle requires. NO ADAPTORS OR UNSAFE COMPRESSION FITTINGS are ever used!!! The system is then completely bled of air with our pressure bleeder system and scan tool as needed with the correct type of brake fluid.

Is your vehicle due for a brake fluid flush?? We have the right equipment to completely flush out your brake fluid. Did you know over time the brake fluid in a vehicle’s system becomes contaminated? This can cause brake calipers to stick. It can also cause problems with the anti-lock brake system. It is highly recommended to have your brake system flushed at the factory recommended intervals.

GOT WARNING LIGHTS? Mike’s Auto Service & Repair has all the right tools and equipment to service your vehicle’s anti-lock (ABS) brake system.

Brake Repair Near Me

Mike’s Auto Service & Repair is your one STOP brake repair shop. If it is broken we can fix it. Call us today to schedule your next brake service or repair. We are proud to offer the brake repair West Springfield drivers prefer.


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