Tires And Wheels

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Road safety and your vehicle’s tires go hand-in-hand. If you drive on bulging, cracked, cupped, feathered, or heel-toe worn tread, you run the risk of a blowout, which could lead to a very dangerous situation. Don’t ignore your vehicle’s tires. Keep them in as good of shape as you do the rest of your car, SUV, or truck.

Tire Maintenance and Rotation

As with your engine, regular maintenance extends the life of your tires and increases their safety. We here at Mike’s Auto Service & Repair are ready to help you with a customized tire maintenance plan that extends your tire tread.

Generally, tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles, but how you drive and road conditions might call for different intervals. We will follow the recommended repositioning for your vehicle’s make and model and swap them from wheel to wheel or even based on tread wear.

No matter your vehicle, tire size, or whether you drive with all four being the same size or a different size in the front and back, we have the tire experts on staff to help you. Vehicle safety and your satisfaction are our number one priority, and we take that very seriously.

Tire Size

Size is an important consideration for new tires. The numbers on the side of your tires relay the recommended aspect ratio, wheel diameter, and width. For example, tires marked 185/75R14 fit on 14-inch wheel rims, are 185mm wide, have a 75-percent aspect ratio, and are radial.

Your vehicle’s rims dictate the tire size, and while you can go big or go home a little bit, there is a maximum tire size each rim can handle. If you want to trick out ride and upgrade, talk with our experts and we’ll see what we can do.

If you’re happy with the recommended tire size for your vehicle, we’ve got you covered there, too. We offer a wide selection of choices so you can be certain you’ll be happy with the tires you choose for your car, SUV, truck or recreation vehicle.

Let Us Take Care of Your Tire and Wheel Needs

Mike’s Auto Service & Repair’s tire experts are ready to help you whether you need new tires or a scheduled rotation. We will also balance that new set and align your front and back end. Quality is our top priority, so call or stop by our West Springfield, MA location today for a full tire inspection and service.


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