How Can I Operate My Car More Efficiently?

The longer you drive, the easier it becomes to slack off. You turn on auto-pilot and shut down the quick-thinking parts of your brain. Unfortunately, driving is one of the riskiest things you can do. Not to mention, hauling around tons of metal that can cost thousands to maintain and repair means making sure you drive safely and efficiently should always be a top priority. With that said, here are a few reminders about high-quality driving:

Don’t Distract Yourself

This one should be obvious; always avoid driving while distracted. Everyone know this, yet most people still do it. Driving without distraction means more than awareness; it means sustaining whole focus on the road. Alcohol, cell phones, music, food and GPS systems can take your mind off the task in deadly ways. So, commit to no texting, eating or engaging with anything that distracts hands or mind. Driving and multitasking don’t work.

Stay on the Defensive

Everyone slips up now and then, but defensive driving means preparing for every possible outcome. Focus on your driving techniques and attempt to stay calm when stressed by traffic, weather or life. Find coping strategies (listen to soothing music or books on tape) and create a necessary mental shield.

Prioritize Regular Maintenance

With time and use, all vehicles require repair. To minimize inconvenient and costly damage, however, routine maintenance is a must. Oil changes, tire rotations, and minor/major tune-ups will help you stay ahead of wear and tear, ultimately saving money and preserving your investment. Thus, always keep your owner’s manual nearby and follow its maintenance schedule with near perfection. It also helps to communicate openly with your technician, so all parties understand what driving conditions might affect your vehicle.

Drive Cautiously in Extreme Weather

Another obvious tip that many drivers ignore, using extreme caution when operating a vehicle in rain, ice or other hazards will not only keep you safe but protect your vehicle. You can avoid collisions by turning slowly and driving at minimum speed limits when visibility and road conditions are less than ideal. Also, brake softly and allow plenty of distance between yourself and other drivers. This space increases your reaction time, protecting everyone on the roads.

Keep Clean

Dirt and debris (inside and out) can degrade your vehicle and make it less efficient. Aim to give your car a quick once-over about once per week, and increase the frequency in extreme weather (heat and cold can damage a car in more ways than one).

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