How Do I Get My Car to Get the Best Gas Mileage?

In spite of periodic fluctuations in the market, the general direction for gas prices has been mostly upwards. The price of gas is high, and likely headed higher, so it is important for drivers to do what they can to squeeze more miles out of every gallon they buy.

Getting more miles out of every gallon may be good for your personal bottom line, but it is also good for the planet and the environment. So everything you do to improve your mileage will help you, and the world at large, in multiple ways. Here are some simple ways to improve your gas mileage and get the most for your hard-earned dollar.

Lighten the Load

The more your car weighs, the lower your gas mileage will be, so take a few minutes to lighten the load and jettison the things you do not need. If you do not need it in your trunk, pull it out and store it in the garage instead.

Something as simple as removing the accumulated packages and bags after every shopping trip can help a lot, as can checking the interior cabin and removing anything that does not need to be in there. The lighter your vehicle is, the more efficiently it will run.

Watch the Way You Drive

The way you drive can have a profound impact on the efficiency of the vehicle, so take a hard look at your driving habits and make changes if needed. If you are in the habit of rolling up to stop signs and stepping hard on the brakes, try slowing down beforehand and carefully bringing your car to a stop.

When it comes time to pull away, pull out slowly and accelerate steadily – those jackrabbit starts can really do a number on your fuel economy. Steady is the watchword as you drive, so try to keep a consistent speed and always obey the speed limits.

Get a Tune-Up

A well-tuned engine is an efficient engine, so have your vehicle tuned up at the recommended intervals. If your spark plugs are worn, fouled or damaged, your car will use more fuel than it should.

Tuning up your car can actually save you money by helping your vehicle run more efficiently. The money you save on gas can more than pay for the service, making getting regular tune-ups a real no brainer.

The cost of gas is on the rise, and it is important to squeeze more out of every gallon you buy. The tips above can help you improve the efficiency of your vehicle, so you can save money and enjoy the road ahead.

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