School Starts Back Soon: What Are the New York School Bus Laws?

It has been a long hot summer for residents of New York state, but now the autumn season is finally here. Before you know it, the kids will be heading back to school, and the roads will be filled with those familiar yellow school buses.

When it comes to those school buses, the safety of the children inside is paramount. Even if you do not have children of your own, you no doubt recognize the importance of keeping children safe on their way to and from the classroom.

Know the Law Before it is Too Late

As a driver in the state of New York, it is your responsibility to know, and to abide by, the laws governing school buses. From when you can pass a school bus to how close you are allowed to get, there are specific regulations on the books regarding school transportation. These laws are all designed to improve the safety of children and give their parents peace of mind.

Violating one of these school bus rules and regulations, even inadvertently, would be a huge mistake. If you violate school bus law in the state of new York, you could be subject to fines in the hundreds of dollars. For serious infractions, you could even lose your license – and your ability to drive and make a living.

Passing Safely

The rules governing the passing of school buses are among the strictest in the state of New York, and for good reason. School children are particularly vulnerable when they are entering or exiting the school bus, and even a low speed accident could be deadly.

That is why new York state drivers are required to stop and give the bus room when children are entering and exiting the vehicle. To make things easier for drivers, New York school buses are equipped with special stop signs that blink on and off when the bus is stopped or coming to a stop.

Heed the Sign

When the school bus stops, the flashing lights illuminate and the stop sign automatically extends. If you are approaching from the opposite direction, pay close attention to the sign, and make sure you stop your vehicle well away from the bus, even if you do not see any children entering or exiting the vehicle.

If you are following the school bus while it is stopping, bring your vehicle to a stop well back from the bus, and do not proceed until the stop sign has retracted and the lights have stopped flashing. If you violate these rules, you could pay a heavy fine – or even the potential loss of your driving privileges.

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