When To Service Replace Transmission Oil And Filter

The transmission in your vehicle relies on a blend of hydraulic fluid that transfers the power from your engine to the wheels. In a nutshell, the transmission is what makes your car go. When it comes to maintenance, it’s important that you check this fluid regularly to determine whether or not the fluid needs to be replaced. Read on to learn more about transmission fluid replacements and when you should consider getting one.

What Transmission Fluid Does

When the transmission fluid is clean and at the proper level, it helps your car change gears more easily. It also transfers the power from your engine to the actual transmission system inside the torque converter. This fluid also absorbs and removes heat that is generated by the moving parts inside your gearbox. This ensures that your engine doesn’t overheat and it keeps everything running smoothly. When the fluid is exposed to high levels of heat, friction, pressure, and debris, it can lose its potency. Just like motor oil, your transmission fluid should be in good condition and at the appropriate levels in order to ensure your car operates the way it should.

Why You Need A Transmission Fluid Service

The longer you drive, wear and tear can cause your transmission fluid to become dirty, and to have a thin consistency. When this happens, it can no longer remove the heat that your transmission creates. This causes your car to run at higher operating temperatures, resulting in a costly repair. If you don’t change the fluid and filter, it can cause your transmission to wear out completely. The process to change the fluid is fairly easy, and it can be done yourself or with the help of an experienced mechanic.

The Fluid Change

In order to change the transmission fluid, your car should be driven for a little while to help the fluids get to their normal operating temperature. Next, your car will be lifted on a ramp or jack so the mechanic can get to the transmission pan. The pan or a plug can be removed, and the fluid will be drained. Any sludge or debris will be cleaned before the new fluid is added. The filter will be replaced, and then the plug and pan are reattached. The new amount of clean transmission is poured into your reservoir and you will now be able to drive with a clean-running transmission for many miles to come.

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