Why Does My Radiator Leak?

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A radiator leak is definitely something you shouldn’t ignore. The radiator system prevents your car, truck, or SUV from overheating, and this not only protects the engine it also protects you. Hopefully, you’ve never experienced a radiator cap blow, as the coolant erupting out of the radiator is beyond scalding. If you suspect you have a radiator leak, bring your vehicle into Mike’s Auto Service & Repair. We’ll isolate the problem, which could be any of the following.


Corrosion is the number one cause of radiator leaks. In the normal course of its operation, your radiator system collects sediment in the hoses, hose connectors, and the radiator itself. These parts also rust over time because they are dealing with liquid – your coolant and moisture generated from the engine and outdoor elements. Rust eats through the parts and causes tiny holes that allow coolant leaks.

Bad Coolant

A radiator leak doesn’t necessarily mean the above. When your vehicle overheats, coolant expands and seeps out of the system. If you believe substandard coolant is just as good as premium antifreeze, please think again. Poor quality or over-diluted coolant will overheat your automobile, which will cause fluid loss. You don’t have to buy the most expensive coolant, but you should buy the one recommended for your vehicle.

Failed Maintenance

Failed maintenance can mean one of two things: One, you aren’t getting your radiator serviced when you should, or two, you either DIY’d it or took it to an inexperienced mechanic. Either can cause your radiator to leak. Poor maintenance, such as overfilling the radiator and reserve will cause the fluid to overflow, i.e. leak. It’s crucial to have your radiator serviced properly and at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

Faulty Parts

Finally, if your thermostat or heater core is on the fritz, they will overheat your engine and cause your radiator to leak. Checking the thermostat is part of a regular radiator service. Checking the heater core is part of a comfort system service. You see where we’re going. Avoid radiator leaks with regular maintenance, and if your radiator is leaking, make certain the mechanic checks the thermostat and heater core if you don’t bring your vehicle to us.

Better yet; bring your vehicle to us! Call Mike’s Auto Service & Repair at 413-737-7806 to set up an appointment. We’re located in West Springfield, MA, and we’ll be happy to inspect your radiator to find the leak and then fix it.

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