Why Is My Brake Pedal Sinking to the Floor All the Time?

Your brake pedal should never sink to the floor. If it does, it’s a much better idea to pull over and call for a tow truck than it is to keep driving your automobile. If you continue to drive your automobile, your brake system could fail. At a minimum, your braking distance will be extended and you may not stop in time. Mike’s Auto Service & Repair can find out why your brake pedal is sinking lower than it normally does and fix the problem. Here are four common reasons why brake pedals sink.

1. Air

Air in the brake lines will cause your brake pedal to feel soft and sink all the way to the floor. If you hit an air bubble, your brake pedal may sink some and then catch again. It’s important to ensure that the brake lines are bled anytime you have a brake fluid change. This ensures that no air gets into the brake lines. The only thing that should be flowing through your brake lines is the hydraulic brake fluid.

2. Leaks

Your brake pedal may also sink to the floor because you have a brake fluid leak somewhere in the system. The most common place from where brake fluid leaks is the brake lines. Usually, if the brake fluid leak is bad enough to cause the pedal to sink to the floor, you will see spots of brake fluid on your garage floor behind your tires. Brake fluid is usually light brown in color and very oily to the touch.

3. Booster

The brake booster helps power the brake system. It helps increase your ability to slow down and stop. If the brake booster is going bad, your brake pedal may sink more toward the floor or to the floor completely. A brake booster will wear down over time, especially if you have a bad habit of braking hard or if you spend a lot of time in stop-and-go traffic. Replacing the brake booster will solve the problem.

4. Master Cylinder

Finally, another part in your brake system that can go bad due to age is the master cylinder. If your master cylinder is malfunctioning, your brake pedal may sink to the floor. The master cylinder is responsible for releasing and pumping the brake fluid through the brake system. It can go bad, fail completely, and also spring a brake fluid leak.

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